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Why Does Anyone Still Work For This Company ?

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From personal experience I have always been well taken care of from RPP on up. Furthermore we have the tools to create the result that we're shooting for (inventory, pricing etc.). It just takes a bit of effort on all local TM's and leadership, rather than expecting success to fall in your lap.

Are there things that we should work on as a company? Yes
Is AAP a terrible place to work? HELL NO, in fact its been an amazing place to work.

You should ask your DM/ Cam to request a "spin" to be done on your store to determine whats moving and whats not, what categories need additional product etc..

As a GM you should be delegating and holding your team responsible for the things that you are being "micromanaged" on. Focus on the most important 2-3 tasks, get REALLY good at them as a team to a point that it's seconds nature and then chip away at the minor things..

You can do it, but blaming leadership isn't going to fix your scenario.

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Well said. GM micro managed to the hilt 😂. This company has gave me lots of growth opportunities but lately I don't see how this can go on. You can't raise stock prices with silly gimmicks and equipment upgrades. They ask you got numbers but refuse to give you inventory to sell. Worried down south...

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Because we've been micromanaged so much that we don't have time to look for another job.

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