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Face Facts: You Are Responsible for Your Life

Did you think someone else was responsible for your happiness? Waiting around for a package, you behave as if this is so. The package is not coming. Recession and layoffs are coming, eventually.
Things we can all agree on (though they may be painful to acknowledge):

  • Seagate decision makers care about one thing: short-term monetary gain.
  • Seagate has largely abandoned technology that is not spinning memory. Seagate is thus technologically and financially locked into rotating storage technology.
  • No rotating storage technology enhancement will cause disk drives to be cheaper than solid state. Not HAMR, not patterned media, not wishful thinking.
  • Your engineering job at Seagate is at risk. That is, you will be laid off.
  • You will not receive a golden package (that is, a package that makes staying worth it.) I know this because your package will not help Seagate management achieve their goal of short term financial gain.
  • Leaving now is your best option, which other jobs exist, before the coming recession.

I'll write it again: only you are responsible for your career, your financial well-being, your happiness. It takes courage to face this. Only some have it.

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Left NRM six months ago and am much happier for it

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Staying is not an option. Staying is a must. Good pay & relax. Why need to leave? There is no company that guarantee you a stability wise, Seagate does.60

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Another facts additional:

  • Easy job that pays well. Staying on is an option.
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