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Not buying the job mobility push

For several years Fidelity has been pushing the job mobility thing. Being a white male in my 50s, I was resisting it for a long time because I didn't want to end up the new, inexperienced, guy on a team and be easy pickin's to lay off. But, in the past year, not liking what is going on in my area, I have focused in on an area of expertise that I've learned more about and am interested in getting a job with.

Well, I've so far applied to 5 different positions on the internal job post site. The number of interviews I have been invited to: zero. I am not even sure if my application is making it past HR to the hiring manager. A couple of times I contacted the hiring manager directly and in those cases was politely told they already have a candidate in mind for the position.

I've come to the conclusion that the job mobility push is aimed at lower level, younger, associates. The upper levels of management are constantly playing musical chairs, with lack of subject matter expertise not being a barrier.

I believe men at my level are stuck in limbo.

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The new diversity push states that there must be a diverse slate of candidates for every job and a diverse board of approvers for every single job hire.

If you are a white male, you will get pushed to the last of the queue. So many stories about how awful it is to walk into a room with so many white males. White male is a pejorative term now. When the phrase is spoken, you can hear the contempt and disgust in the cadence.

I am considering claiming g– so I can fit in, since straight white males are so disgusting now.

I am fine with people getting a fair shake and diversity, but the new push seems a bit much.

Funny how the 2nd class Veritude employee's have no benefits, sick time or pay raises, but the company is so woke and progressive now. I notice the diversity at the lower levels, but not much change at the top levels.

Careful Fidelity-go woke get broke, just sayin'.

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I can objectively say there are many women in the branches who have promoted too fast and are in over their heads. I agree women needed more consideration than they were getting, but they over-indexed and it is out of control now.

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It is not complaining. It is the policy at this point.

There are departments at Fidelity where women are at 95%.

Most of upper management and exempts have no idea how difficult it is to work at Fidelity. A lot of them got jobs through their parents. Look at previous comment. All they can say is “Keep trying” with multiple exclamation points. That’s Manager 101 for ya.

Take a look at PTO requests training. Regular employees have to jump through multiple hoops while exempts don’t have to do it but “it would be nice to notify your manager.”

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To the manager complaining that there is incentive to hire more women... I see high paying jobs in sought after departments of 50 plus people with zero-under 5 percent of women in them. I frequently am the only woman in a meeting room. My guess is Fideltity has realized the benefits of a diverse workforce and diverse opinions. No matter what I honestly believe if you are talented you will be just fine at Fidelity man or woman. To the man who has applied 5 times... don’t give up moving into a new area can be challenging but not impossible. Keep trying!!!

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Speaking as a fellow white male over 50, we are screwed. Get out or just keep your head down until they come for you.

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I am a manager with a team and I have been told that my bonus would be directly affected by how many women I hired. (seems illegal!) With that as the corporate mandate, no wonder you are not getting past HR.

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Job mobility is an artificial way to increase the number of job openings, as very few are available.

The best example for it is the Interim Manager position, a way for departments to shift people around and save money.

Most real openings are set up around the Boston area in order to make Fidelity look more attractive to, what they call, top talent.

The top talent employees have more career options available to them, unlike everyone else, like Move Up through Fidelity’s career platform. They also tend to be less affected by layoffs.

Cool name, though, Lou.

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