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Another excuse....

So CAO isn’t designed to eliminate back stock, of that’s what you were told!! It’s an algorithm designed to order, and typically doesn’t work well, especially the algorithm utilized by Mondelez. Other companies have had much better success! Our algorithm essentially goes off order history, if you look you will see! Won’t work, but who cares!
DSD is being eliminated anyways. No, we aren’t too big, sorry! No breaking news.

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Yep, DSD is coming to an end! Just not profitable anymore for retailers. If retailers couldn’t handle the volume, perhaps they should close the doors! Yes, they can more than handle our volume, don’t fool yourself!
You’ll see it’s business as usual....until it’s not! You’ll get a notice for a conference call and then your know, but not a minute before that! For those that don’t need a call, they already know! Anyone with their head in the game can see what’s coming!

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