Thread regarding Mondelez International Inc. layoffs

This Organization is handling Walmart poorly

We have been in this pattern with Walmart for over a month.
We clearly have similiar instances regarding the current happenings as sales reps thanks to this web site.
The direction at best is still shaky and actually in hindsight its not about DSD going away .
Its more or less about the no-nothings in higher management.
We appear to look like fools at store level as a sales rep.The management at store level is clueless for the most part and all the way down to dept managers.
To be honest its more of a concern about How this organization is running instead of DSD going away.
Think about that.

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i am with nestle for now and walmart has told us on sept 14th we can no longer order the top 15 sku's in pizza. we wre told pizza would be gone in oct. so looks like wally is trimming space only best sellers in their w-house and no more me at backdoor. it happened a lot quicker than originally planned which tells me walmart was a leader in dsd death.

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And Kroger and the others are right behind WM! They know what they are doing!! How they got to where they are! People in the stores may not know but home office does! I’ve been there, totally different animal. Expect changes at store level too! They expect some transition loses but with what they will reap from the transition is worth every bit of it!!

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I agree that “do as your told” is the mindset of Mondelēz, but that is not necessarily how it should be. Can you imagine the expressions on the faces of Wal Mart upper management if we actually said : “Fine. Amazon will sell our Products, Target will sell our Products, Super One, Publix, Albertsons, Kroger, Smith’s will all sell our products and you can be the only place without Ritz, Wheat Thins, Oreos, Bel Vita, Triscuits, etc.”
Not saying that would ever happen, but as a bluff, it would be funny as hell, I’d love it. We won't because we are getting ready to exit and let them stock it all anyway.

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The upper management in both organizations know exactly what is going on, and it is all about the transition away from dsd. They are not concerned because WM has been through this with other vendors and they know there is a transition period, where we currently operate. Mondelez doesn’t get to decide, they have to just support in any way possible the business, within the perimeters outlined by WalMart. Until the announcement is made to Mondelez employees don’t expect anyone else to know, how that works!!
If you think the worlds largest retailers doesn’t know what they are doing, you are wrong! When WM accounts for over 25% of all Mondelez sales in the US, guess what, we do as we are told! Just that simple!

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