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MOE "Ask a question" on insite

Has anyone actually had their question answered? They are telling us nothing, but say if you have questions submit them and they will respond. I have 3 outstanding questions, all the way back to April and not a single one has been answered or even checked. This is a pathetic joke.

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Do you honestly think they will answer the "real" questions we all want to know ??? That's laughable!
They're only going to answer the questions that they've already provided answers for in corporate communication.

And for those who keep on asking those same damn questions like "what is the time off plan for truist" for example, need to read their email FFS because of course the stupid questions actually get answered on onsite since they already provided the answer in a company wide email.

It's just a big gaudy flashy parade to back up their comments about how they are "so transparent" with the employees throughout this process. Same goes for all of the calls and in person meetings with upper level management. They dance around the real question until they're able to circle it back to one of their generic responses. Maybe they truly don't know the answers but boy it sure would be nice if they took the time to find the answers and follow up with a response. IMO if they can't provide new information don't bother having a call or meeting at all. The idea itself is great if they actually filled people in, but the execution s—s and quite honestly a waste of everyone's time and most people who don't drink the koolaid see through this publicity stunt.

I hope your golden parachute question gets answered because you and the other 99% of us who don't get one would love to know the answer ha ha.

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They didnt answer mine either. I asked them what they are doing with their millions from bonus and golden parachutes and if I can get a bridge loan when I get kicked to the curb.

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