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Chase layoffs

I'm a Sr manager and Just learned that Chase GTI will be laying off hundreds more in the US by October 15th,2019

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I said a similar thing in a town hall. You have good employees Chase knows how they are, and where the complany is going
So why not train who you have for what you need. It would be more cost effective them just paying severance for people you lay off. They started something but who knows how they pick.

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I would say paid to monitor sites like this.

Sir, madam then why:

  • move job move offshore for less pay/compensation
  • reduce the numbers of layoffs by having a smart training program aimed at keeping staff fresh and providing retraining for future positions. (Yes there are a number of online courses any employee can take, BUT the company (managers) needs to take initiative identifying what new skill sets staff should have and train and re-train in those skills, rather than enforce courses to satisfy regulatory training needs)
  • not match rift'd staff with open positions matching their skill set to open jobs rather than have them work the 45 days, look for a job and make time for interviews. It is virtually impossible to find an internal job and work at optimum potential. Looking for a job is a full time job. And most jobs are already spoken for before they are posted since many managers network for a candidates before the job is posted. It is not a level playing field.
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Then they should do job relocation or move talent around. not layoff people. your logic is wrong or you are paid by Chase to review negative blogs like this one.

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While Chase will layoff hundreds, we also hire hundreds more in new opportunities and initiatives.

The layoffs are meant to pay for the new hires. As for the elimination of the jobs, it encourages managers to be more efficient with the hires at hand and offsets excessive overhiring. This is beneficial for the Chase in the long run.

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