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Dish only cares about money

Dish let 10 of us tenured agents (5-10 years) from Broadband go back in February, all within a week due to "not meeting expectations." i was told weekly in my one on ones that i was doing great, and they didn't know what else I could do to improve. Management had me covering teams acting as a "coach", yet a week later, I'm pulled in and fired for not meeting expectations. Thank God i printed all of my QPA's and 1on 1's because they tried to appeal my unemployment and I submitted that as proof I was hitting expectations, even above. I was just number 2 in the enterprise the period before. Dish only cares about money. Cut great employees to cut down cost, and just rehire new ones at half the wage. Duck Fish!

@SYHC8qm-7innj is on point.

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