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Dell was never committed to networking

Michael Dell bought Force 10 a company that was a never ran. because it was cheap and gave him an instant platform. When SDN didn't take off and Dell couldn't sell "Box'es" at 5–6K a pop which is all Dell really knows how to do despite the fud they gave up on networking as a serious line. Couldn't keep the best people and treated the Networking sales team like barnyard animals having them report to AE's that wouldn't know a switch from a router or who were to afraid of not making their ever increasing commodity numbers for compute and servers that they blocked 90% of all networking sales efforts. Having sold Dell storage and Networking and having been a senior sales person at Cisco (10 years), EMC, and Oracle I found that Dell was strictly a commodity company that is trying to wear better clothes. Thus Dell will continue to lay off storage and networking experts as it buys into the myth that compute and server folks can learn it , will learn it and then can or will sell it... its all smoke and mirrors. Frankly I found that by staying with Dell I hurt my career no one looks at the Dell sales team overall as a powerhouse group and your not as competitive when seeking employment with a market making firm.

Well said, @10GFr2R6-ilzg.

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Lay-off hard working engineers and promote management folks who oversaw a failed operating system. This company is skilled at converting software products into a pure hardware play. Mgmt is focused on reducing costs and not on innovation. Total lack of vision and strategy, banking on vmware to keep the paychecks coming.

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Dell always put tech smarts and experts under mindless mouth breather, happens in all departments then ask them to integrate tech. It's like giving a gaming laptop to an overpaid admin who uses the laptop to share pictures of a webcam of another computer screen via Microsoft Words.

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