Thread regarding Allstate Corp. layoffs

Restructured Regional offices to centralized structure so layoffs are under 50 per location to avoid WARN ?

Were 2019 changes made so future office closings are done with less than 50 laid off per month so no WARN notice, no media about offshoring jobs, # of layoffs?

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Home office id–t. This board is full of HR defenders and monitors if you are not up to date on labor law go learn instead of EVERY attack on an informal board is about English! Who cares this is not an APA MLA dissertation document it’s an informal
Forum and because you’re an id–t and don’t know what the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act is dont hide your ignorance by being some syntax nazi? Really? That’s what you have to offer?

Waste of carbon and bandwidth.

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Rambling gibberish. I have no idea what this means. English.

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Yes I would imagine when they phase hubs in in 2020 and start closing many offices they will lay-off to just near the threshold to avoid the 60? Day warning? Clearly everything for new pay capped bands to delayed open enrollment and pto that penalizes workers who have been dedicated to unpaid weeks (oh wait u get it back when you are laid off I meant leave) that this is last step to shed most expensive employees avoid paying unemployment costs and hire college grads for starter pay. Oh wait it’s conspiracy theory come see me in dec 2020. Go drink a beer right?

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