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Unwritten rules of Intel Munich

Along with the usual focal stuff like backstabbing, intentional withholding of information, delays in providing feedback, indirect need to know only feedback which infects the rest of intel, Intel Munich has a much more insidious problem.

This problem is manager and employee cliques based on geos. These groups of employees like to sit around and complain about other geos and how they are the ones who are doing all the work. Naturally, the brunt of their bitterness falls on employees working closest to them. Their focal ratings are completely slanted and their work is just lots of hot air. Criticism is taken to heart and an open wound is created which is later filled through focals next year. Focals are a way of getting even for these employees.

If you ever wanted to read Matlab code written like C, please give yourself a headache and ask them to explain their code. Messy commits and non-descriptive code that will be sure to take you five hours to understand. This means it took them five minutes to write and the rest of the time was spent complaining. Their code is as volatile as their personalities, a slight change in conditions and it breaks down.

Code review means nothing when sh– like that gets approved.

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This is completely true! Before April, everyone was complaining about the bad situation of the company. After April, everyone was saying: "Oh, it is so nice in Intel. What will happen now?". And now, their jobs has been moved to Apple and are still complaining about getting not enough stocks and bonuses from Apple. I really wonder when they find time to work!

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Intel Munich has a much more insidious problem: This problem is manager and employee cliques based on geos.

No my friend, this is an Intel problem worldwide and the cliques are not just by geo, but by business unit...

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