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Space and Sensors - the hidden disaster

Mason OH Space and Sensors division is facing seven-figure shortfalls as self inflicted wounds continue to fester. The cryo-cooler line (moved from Pasadena) is struggling to produce any working units, the premature decision to eliminate in-house CCA production has resulted in massive rework costs and delays while the PTO policy change wrenched the works as legacy employees are largely absent due to the desire to burn off accumulated time. As the losses skyrocket and timelines collapse look for significant shakeout of some very senior staff.

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We can send you some commercial VIP management. They can fix anything

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its a shame since this division was the darling of L3 2 years ago and could do no wrong. The possible purge of leadership that failed to execute the subcontracts and move to OH will give the division an opportunity to bring in some Harris Leadership to right the ship.

The HR policy being changed on PTO doesn't help as we all know that legacy employees have a hard time burning PTO and miss most of the 4th qtr as a average to not "loose" their allotment of PTO. Though the change by HR could not be predicted by those in charge of the leadership, it shows how shallow the team is in experience and talent on the bench to be able to overcome the PTO burn policy. A look at HR in this case is appropriate as the local VP should have alerted the new company of the potential issue, however it apprears a lack of engagement or willingness to lead could have lead to a "yes" to anything situation that didn't help the Sr Leaders execute the strategy.. all based on the orginal email, but doesn't surprise this ex-L3 Sr leader. Time to clean house

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