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So - apparently an email from an unhappy client was sent to and circulated among many other clients regarding the unhappy state of affairs regarding production in Mason. That state would best be described as "frozen".

In addition to the inability of 3rd party suppliers to provide working CCA's, biocs or lenses in anything less than a year or two - the FPA foundry has apparently run into additional problems and the cryo-cooler line is still producing poor quality and largely unusable parts. Over a dozen assembled units that miraculously made it to the dock have been called back due to finding (after the fact) that one of their CCAs was built improperly and the flaw went undetected by L3Harris for months. Cue the violins.

Meanwhile, entire labs are told to look busy despite the fact that there is no work available due to lack of parts. At least there is the new benefits package to dissect - right? Just be sure when face-timing with your girlfriend in the atrium and ignoring that inbound call from your wife that your CAMERA IS NOT POINTED INTO THE SPACE LABS. happened

As if this was not all too much - management, mystified by the fact that legacy staff are burning through sick time before they lose it under the new policy, has decided that lecturing people about proper hand washing techniques (with graphics!) will resolve the absentee rate. Hopefully these people are smart enough to spend that time interviewing and not just potato-chipping through Netflix. I hear UPS is great around the holidays.

Oh, and apparently a gvt client is p-ss-d enough about a situation with a development program that they have issued a stop work order. I'm sure it's nothing.


till later - MO

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Mason Observer - So you really feel that the method implemented to "resolve the absentee rate" was to "lecture people about hand washing techniques"?
Did you eat a lot paint chips a child?

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