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On this tread, mention of selling

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I can tell you now you're not going to sell. How do I know that? Well just take a look at your board members who cash in their stock every two to three months. Take a look around at other companies you don't see near the amount of insider trading. This tells me one up two things - 1. They probably had offers in the past and let them go thinking the company was going to be more profitable it could be more profitable by cutting employees and God save me but I cannot think of why they would think cutting employees in ruining morale would make them more profitable - I mean this is business 101 sh– we're talking here or 2. They have hired a mergers-and-acquisitions guy because they realize that nobody wants them and they are going to try to obtain new business through other companies and buy them out in hopes to make Molina and it's Book value more lucrative for buyer. I can tell you now that in terms of a sale for investors oh, which they would have to approve of, they aren't going to get but Jack schitt per share as an investor. I can tell you this much as well that Molina more than likely has a lawsuit coming my investors for misleading shareholders because there are a lot of people who have lost money on this company.

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