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IBM Senior Executive doesn't know if employees should trust IBM.

"Lee said he's been taking depositions for another IBM case in San Francisco in which he interviewed the head of IBM's commissions program. After asking her about the capping of commissions, he said, "I asked her whether employees could trust IBM. She told me, 'I don't know.'That's incredible to me.""


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Since my RA, I have been telling everyone I know to NOT ever Trust IBM. Just don't even engage. So far I have save at least a few execs from falling into IBM trap. My new quest is to spread the word.

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Ahhh the wonders of a company stuck with a low performing female CEO, they simply can not be fired.

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So let’s look at the Oct numbers.
GTS is forecasting a miss. Who says the CFO says. (3-7%)
GBS is forecasting a miss. Again who says, the CFO says (0-2%)
Z is forecasting a make (Its a pretty big make) (20-25%)
Power is forecasting a miss (25%)
Storage is forecasting a miss (5-8%)
Cognitive is forecasting a make (4-8%)

You tell me where the revenue is driving to. Hell of a job Ginni. Hell of a job

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They are doing everything then can to cap commissions, reduce the number of people paid on deals (arbitrarily), jacking up quotas halfway through the period, use deal makers to shift portions of contracts to avoid c rev, and more.

Given that it's hard to make money selling old non competitive c-ap in the first place, it's a lousy thing to do to the few effective sales people left.

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If you work for any division of IBM, you best keep an eye on your '6' - especially if you're north of 50.

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