Thread regarding Seagate Technology Inc. layoffs

Returning is not a good idea

you're considering going back to a company that has already laid you off?

if you're not happy w/ your current company, it's better to find another company.

as an hiring manager, if i saw someone jump back and forth to the same company, it would raise concerns. why? it also suggests you don't challenge/grow yourself. so unless you plan to stay (and not get laid off again), you're digging a hole for getting the next job.

Had to make this into a thread, it was posted by @11YHgpWP-1xmu. 100% on point.

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Are you really a manager or a manager wannabe? From your writing it seems the latter. Very weak and incoherent argument.
Best of luck man.

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I didn't start this thread, but that was my post.

you (@11Z1XIp1-1vag) make a lot of assumptions. said it would "raise concerns". these concerns would have to be addressed. here, since the applicant has shown to jump ship back to their old employer (a behavior), it would suggest it would happen again. why would i waste time and money on-boarding only for them to leave? there would have to be good reasons why someone made such a move (especially if the new role wasn't an advancement) otherwise i'm not doing due diligence for the company or org.

there is more than just technical skills- behaviors is one of the few ways to evaluate an applicant objectively.

i'll tell my company they are in a world of hurt because they have me. they don't seem to have that impression, so thanks!

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A company that has you as a manager is in for a world of hurt. Shallow thinking and limited vision. Companies should weed out mid level managers like you but unfortunately there are too many of you out there. Managers like you may have been put in place without training and mentoring, no fault of your own. However adequate thinking and reasoning are expected but these days, they would put anyone that can be the fall guys in management.
Back and forth to same company is not a reason for concern of one challenging oneself. In fact it wouldt be a plus that one has proven to be not a disruptive team member, can do the job and his skill fits the needs more than others.
Your reason for tot hiring candidates if the skill set fit is missing out hiring a potential good employee.

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