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Why is Uber hiring so soon after layoffs???

What's going on here? If there were positions available why were they not first offered to people who were shown the door in the latest round of layoffs??? And also, who thought it was a good idea to lay off a bunch of people and turn around and start hiring immediately?

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Uber like the rest of the tech giants do this to pressure D.C. that we are lacking tech workers. It gives the impression that demand for workers is higher than available workers. Why? To support the lobbying they are doing to open the flood gates for H1B visas. Replace all workers with indentured servants from India. Why India? Because it is the second most populous country in the world and one of the poorest. So there is an unlimited supply of workers there willing to work for less than half of a US worker equivalent. Meanwhile, they poach top talent from top tech companies (revolving door there between big tech companies). In other words, firing nearly 1,500 people and then turning around and posting their jobs as openings is basically erasing those people they fired as if they never existed, and then cry to Washington that there aren't enough workers. Get it?

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People are laid off for a reason. They are either unproductive, too expensive, not a good fit, or just plain stupid. It is best to leave them in the garbage can and take a chance with new hires. Harsh but this is how the world works.

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