Thread regarding Fresenius Medical layoffs

If laid off, move on...

If you get the axe, do not despair - go and find a better job.

Here it is why you'll be better off after they laid you off...

  • The pay here at FMCNA is low - PERIOD
  • Huge attrition - 50% of new employees quit within the first year
  • Profit over People (it’s palpable) – across the board but emphasized by the Western Group Leadership
  • Time is micromanaged, every second of it
  • Long days (12hrs? 15hrs? you name it) with limited breaks
  • The emphasis is on making money for the shareholders and senior execs. Everyone else is secondary – fine enough, let them run the company on their own then – workers should go somewhere else where they are respected. It’s sad to see that we do not care about patients.
  • Spreadsheets and not caregivers run this company
  • Execs are clueless what’s happening at the facilities and how hard is to take care of the patient when we do not have time and resources needed.
  • Clinics need to be able to hire enough staff to do the job safely and with quality.
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Yes it's TRUE my wife was laid off after 15 years of very loyal and dedicated work but some of the other people that were not laid off are friends with the director and they are horrible people that are terrible employees Yep right here close to the holidays

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I was informed that 300 mid-level staff were laid-off. Some were reassigned if possible. Laid off staff are given extra consideration for new positions. There is no hiring freeze. That is a myth that comes from training programs only starting every other month. No DPC staff (clinic level) were effected. Quality of work and assistance from the company varies from region to region and area to area. Short staffing is an issue with the industry. RCG, Davita, and FMC are all struggling with staffing shortages. Training new people takes at least 6 months and about half of new staff are not a good fit. The hours are commonly 12-16hr shifts, 3 days a week. All DPC (direct Patient Care ) staff are mandated by their licenses, regulation, or certification to to put patients first. I have never had FMC put profit before patients. These are publicly raided companies. Their goal is to gain profit but patient's always come first. RN's and MD's run the clinics. A good medical company is run by medical people. I believe FMC has more medical staff in management than any other dialysis company. This is a personal opinion. I do not represent any compamy. My views are my own and do not represent FMC in any way in this message.

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How many employees were impacted?

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My 2 cents added:
1) Open Hostility: very hostile working environment for staff - this affects patient care
2) RNs: team work is on paper only no teamwork from other RNs
3) Staffing: short staffed very much - this drives patients and staff nuts
4) Support: Limited to no support from educators and management - they just want to cut corners

The patients are the reason why we are here...
The Core Values needs to be revisited and adhered to - the mgmt talks about it but they never follow it.

Management - STOP keying in on non-patient activities! Support your staff for once!!!

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