Topics regarding layoffs at Fresenius Medical

Topics regarding layoffs at Fresenius Medical

Any truth to this?

December 2022 Samfiru Tumarkin LLP has been contacted by several employees at Fresenius Medical Care Canada who claim that the company is laying off a significant number of workers across Ontario. Our employment lawyers are following up with... —  read more 

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Possible new hire

I have a second interview scheduled in a few days and I am wondering if there is anyone here who can answer a few questions. I was trying to search the company and came across this site by accident. I noticed that there is very few posts concerning... —  read more 

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Fresenius Kabi USA, Run its over

Fresenius Kabi USA sterile injectable pharmaceuticals sector. Major layoffs happened on the weekend 10/27/19. Cut all contractor workforce 2 weeks prior. Sunday; 1/5 full time workers laid off (Many crying when they were kicked out the front door). ... —  read more 

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Fresenius kabi usa major lay offs

Fresenius kabi production sterile injectables just laid off all contractors and about 1/5 workforce full timers. Major cost savings needed. Production no longer needed. Welcome to recession 2019

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Layoffs are needed

There is a ton of deadweight in the company and people who are retired on the job. While it's true some good performers had to be let go due to financial constraints and picking "nice to have" vs. "need to have" most of this recent round of layoff... —  read more 

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Contractor Furloughs October 2019

We were informed that contractors would be "furloughed" for around 3 weeks in November. Looks like the cost cutting is getting very serious at Fresenius Kidney Care. I am betting the executives will get replaced soon by the board of directors if... —  read more 

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300 jobs eliminated

I heard that 300 jobs were eliminated. Social Work, Insurance Coordinators, Quality and a few more supporting positions... but not based on performance. It is a strategic financial decision that has everyone on the edge of their seats. I am very... —  read more 

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If laid off, move on...

If you get the axe, do not despair - go and find a better job. Here it is why you'll be better off after they laid you off... The pay here at FMCNA is low - PERIOD Huge attrition - 50% of new employees quit within the first year Profit... —  read more 

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Layoffs Update (September 2019)

Bill Valle (CEO FMCNA) sent a memo that a purge is in the process, numbers need to improve, we need to do this, we need to get better, efficiency, etc. He noted that this is just start of the process, so rest assured there will be more layoffs... —  read more 

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Fresenius LayoffsGuess what's coming here: A fire Wednesday evening at Fresenius Medical Care Crystal Spring Dialysis center did at...

Fresenius LayoffsGuess what's coming here: A fire Wednesday evening at Fresenius Medical Care Crystal Spring Dialysis center did at least $3 million in damage and affected about 40 percent of the building. No one was hurt, but the center's 72... —  read more 

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