Topics regarding layoffs at Quest Diagnostics

Topics regarding layoffs at Quest Diagnostics

HCL rebadging

After reading accounts on Glassdoor and this very forum on Xerox's rebadging and how HCL accidentally leaked documents that detailed the layoff timeline for rebadged Xerox employees, I can't say I'm feeling very optimistic. If you were affected... —  read more 

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How can you layoff someone that has been with for 15 years and then not even give any severance ????? What kind of company does that ??? Low !

How can you layoff someone that has been with you for 15 yrs ???? Then not even give any severance !!!! I’ll tell you a low life company !!! I will make sure that I tell everyone not to use your services You should be ashamed of yourself... —  read more 

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Quest Diagnostics LAYOFFS 2022-2023

Massive layoffs at quest today with even the head of branch going. More layoffs coming in February. Employees are being given pay to end of january with it being 4x normal or even way up to 36x normal pay.

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Layoffs inevitable

Quest offered voluntary separation packages to hundreds of employees early October indicating layoffs are inevitable in early December.

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Will there be more today?

Can we get more info on Quest layoffs, please? Transparency is a foreign word to this management so I have to search the internet to get some answers - how sad is that? I would really appreciate it if somebody who knows what's going on would be... —  read more 

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Layoffs have started

Not sure how many but I know several people were cut yesterday. i haven't heard anything about today but it wouldn't surprise me if there was a continuation. We knew this was coming, so it's hardly a shock to anybody. It's just a c-appy time to be... —  read more 

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Stealth Layoffs

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Quest Diagnostics later off fifteen IT employees. Here it is only January and they are laying off more people in sales.

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useless supervisors

when your at work be at work, being in your office and on the phone with your husband all day is not at work. do your job please you get paid plenty

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