Topics regarding layoffs at LabCorp

Topics regarding layoffs at LabCorp


Labcorp buys Enzo and closes the best site in Plainview NY. The place was great. The people were great. Now you’re just like Quest. A blood letting he-l hole. Thanks for that!

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LCA executives scramble

UHC will expose almost $1B in lost revenues over the next year and a half. PAMA has affected reimbursements. All of these factors force LCA executives to scramble to save the dwindling stock price. Cutting costs is an easy fix, yet it will translate... — read more 

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I was Laid off from LabCorp

I to have been cut from LabCorp and they do in fact keep the employees with least seniority and experience. I was rehired by LabCorp into a much lower paying position and later climbed my way up and surpassed. However, you never fully gain trust or... — read more 

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This will not work longterm

Labcorp is cutting positions based on salary not performance, so the high producers that built decent incomes over the years will be cut in favor of the lower paid low performers. It works short term but it is devastating in the long term. So much... — read more 

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