Topics regarding layoffs at Tenet Healthcare

Topics regarding layoffs at Tenet Healthcare

It’s all about profit

When I think back to my first days at this company... I wanted to contribute to the growth of this company and I did my best. At first I really felt like it made a difference, I thought hard work was respected. Tenet is my big... —  read more 

Training your replacements?

Someone here wrote that they had to train their replacement for a few months in order to get severance. I wonder if this is an individual case or is it the rule? Regardless of the fact that sharing knowledge and experience is nice, I don’t like it... —  read more 

No Remote Work per Tenet

Even amid this pandemic and an order to stay home / work from home, Tenet says, “no.” Administration in Rock Hill, SC, refuses remote work for nonessential employees, stating Tenet policy is no remote working option allowed. Piedmont Medical... —  read more 

Tenet Layoffs

Tenet/Conifer has laid off positions from VPs to Team Leads. I was one of them and I was laid off because I was one of the highest paid leaders in my office. Probably more to come, Reduction in Force is what they call it.

Spread out layoffs

I'm sure more layoffs are happening in bits. Tenet's strategy (as if they know anything about strategy) is to do it in bits in pieces, usually, so as not to attract media attention. God knows, Tenet and its "leadership" is so awful that it doesn't... —  read more 

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