Tenet Healthcare Layoffs

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Tenet will lay off over 1000 people in 2018

For all folks that are saying that it'll never happen to us, I have one question: how do you feel about Tenet now? The cuts will happen and I am afraid that they will not stop at 1300 that they announced last week. Now, you can argue that things will... read more

Tenet Layoffs 2018

Whenever you think there will be no layoffs they change the approach. Now all people are talking about job cuts in Dallas.

Tenet Layoffs

Tenet/Conifer has laid off positions from VPs to Team Leads. I was one of them and I was laid off because I was one of the highest paid leaders in my office. Probably more to come, Reduction in Force is what they call it.

Tenet is laying off employees

We’ve been told layoffs around the country , when the question was asked how many in total the answer was I can’t give out that information... more are coming
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Tenet Layoffs

Tenet just laid off 4 positions in their ACO...is the ship slowly sinking?

Spread out layoffs

I'm sure more layoffs are happening in bits. Tenet's strategy (as if they know anything about strategy) is to do it in bits in pieces, usually, so as not to attract media attention. God knows, Tenet and its "leadership" is so awful that it doesn't... read more

Houston Tenet Employees

FYI. HCA bought three hospitals in Houston and the hammer will be coming down soon. Hate to say it, but expect layoffs, salary reductions, and huge changes to policies and procedures.

Tenet Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Tenet layoffs in Dallas in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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