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The layoffs continue with 50 in April 2019 and then they continue to terminate people. There is no respect demonstrated by leadership to the employees. They ask for your input but don’t teally care about your ideas. The “Lifepoint Way” to filled with... —  read more 

Poorly handled layoffs

As one of those laid off, it was extremely painful and poorly handled. The process was impersonal---laid off as a group in a conference room. To be laid off two weeks before Christmas was quite a blow. Also disheartening to see jobs posted at... —  read more 


LifePoint Corporate in Brentwood TN just laid off 50 employees.

Nurses Layoffs

I heard that some hospitals have laid off nurses, at the same time we hire a ton of them. Not sure what to believe.

Periodic Layoffs

Have no clue why there are no more layoff reports here as they certainly do happen and you can find a ton of info about this on media sites. LifePoint Hospitals has periodic cycles of layoffs - they do this to right size based on volume, also more at... —  read more 

Hospital Layoffs 2017

Do you have more info as it relates to widespread hospital layoffs that may be planned for 2017. Ideally, the info will be on Lifepoint, but I am interested in any hospital closures or large staff layoffs that may be happening next year. 2016 was an... —  read more 

I was let go in 2013

Now there are many rumors that they are laying off people again, but they keep increasing pay for LifePoint executives - this is not fair we need someone to fix this

Lifepoint Health Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Lifepoint Health layoffs in Brentwood in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

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LifePoint Hospitals Layoffs 2015

Do you have any updates on the planned reorg and layoffs that should accompany it? I heard many rumors but do not have any firm info. I know that many people are very frustrated with the whole process, and there is a ton of anxiety in the air.


Nashville and Florida Downsizing

Wait and see, some positions are already being eliminated, cuts will come over years, the whole healthcare industry will sufer. Lifepoint leadership cares about money only.

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