Thread regarding LifePoint Hospitals layoffs

Poorly handled layoffs

As one of those laid off, it was extremely painful and poorly handled. The process was impersonal---laid off as a group in a conference room. To be laid off two weeks before Christmas was quite a blow.

Also disheartening to see jobs posted at Lifepoint at the same time the layoffs occurred.

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Lifepoint is a complete disgrace to the medical field. They sit there and smile smugly for the cameras but in reality they destroy moral and over work staff. Have to fight like hell to use a sick day. Scum lords of hospitals. Will buy the cheapest supplies from pens to the food. No raises for 4 years but keep raising the cost of benefits. Patient care and staff mean nothing to this company.

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Par for the course with this company. This is the way they do business now. They have lost touch with reality until the leadership of David Dill and John Bumpus. Both of these men are heartless human beings that could care less about the devistation they create in their wake. The lives they destroy are meaningless to them. Horrible company and horrible leadership. They talk such a good game but behind closed doors laugh and count their piles of money. That stood to gain MILLIONS from this merger and they made it happen at all costs so they could cash in! Great job you heartless scumbags!

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