Topics regarding layoffs at HCA Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at HCA Holdings Inc.

Layoffs at HCA

HCA laid off employees and won’t provide unemployment benefits either. Can you please elaborate on this? Are you saying that people were laid off and didn't receive severance or that they received severance and could not collect additional... — read more 

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A review of quarterly results

Revenues totaled $15.064 billion Net income attributable to HCA Healthcare, Inc. totaled $1.814 billion, or $5.75 per diluted share Adjusted EBITDA totaled $3.149 billion Cash flows provided by operating activities totaled $2.443... — read more 

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National Nurses United filed federal lawsuits in Missouri and Kansas against two local hospitals owned by HCA Healthcare Inc. (NYSE: HCA), arguing... — read more 

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Swift cuts

HCA was very proactive early on. All contractors were laid off. But all f/t employees' jobs were saved by multiple salary reduction policies that the company embraced. From 30% senior leadership down to 10% for other support staff. We were very... — read more 

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Layoffs are coming

We were told there is a hiring freeze, but I see many non-direct-patient-care roles posted. I bet we will have layoffs soon. 1) hiring freeze, 2) pay cuts for 2 months. 3) prediction: next, they will say, “We tried saving money with pay cuts and a... — read more 

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Lay offs happening now

Lay offs happening at Nashville come Aug thanks to outsourcing to India, Richmond was in June. Just terrible, after 20 yrs of service they think nothing of showing you the door for cheaper labor. This will affect all divisions corporate wide. I love... — read more 

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No notice ahead of layoffs

My friend worked in the Irving office. They were given three months severance pay and got to keep their benefits for the time. There was NO notice given that they were getting laid off. Literally they went into the conference room and without getting... — read more 

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So the rumor mill for HCA is that contractors will be forced to move over as employees, or be let go. The decision to offer or let go is being made by upper management. So this might mean a large pay cut for many. Good thing is they are offering up... — read more 

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FLSA Changes...

So HCA went ahead with the FLSA changes, even though it got blocked. Hear there are a ton of people, mainly in administration, that are not happy. Moving from exempt to non-exempt, could upset those that don't really work all the hours they are... — read more 

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