Topics regarding layoffs at Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Envision Healthcare Holdings Inc.

Envision (Questcare medical clinics)

Horrible Horrible place to work. Don’t pay for bad weather days, they want you to use your pto. Worst managers ever. Company is going down the drain. Work employees to death and don’t Pay a dime. Wonder how the clinics are still open. Please close... —  read more 

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Laid off

I worked at the office in Overland Park. They recently laid off our entire department and sure many others. Said elective surgery numbers hadn't risen. Places here they have. I just call be abd they plan to outsource us. Merge with this company was a... —  read more 

Stop the lay offs

You are supposed to be ther I good times and bad. You have taken the money and in this pandemic you are laying off folks? How’s about executive pay cuts? We need health care workers.

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Layoffs info

We work for Envision and we were told in March/2019 we would be laid off this summer 2019. Found this in an older thread, any chance we can get some more info on this? I'm mainly wondering if this means that people who were not notified of layoffs in... —  read more 

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