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Low Wages @ Keeling Center Campus in Bastrop

A good number of our employees at the Keeling Center Campus in Bastrop don't make enough to cover cost of living in the area. Higher management does not hold lower management accountable for helping in their areas when they need to. When complaints... —  read more 

MD Anderson is at it again

The news came down today with MD Anderson employees being let go. I was a proud MD Anderson employee who loved work each day then, I opened my eyes, and saw the belly of the beast. Favoritism is rampant and elitism is even worse. The University of... —  read more 

Missed Management plus Favoritism

MD Anderson bigger problem is starting to show up slowly from losing money to big laid off in 2017 and now losing experience employees from Nurses to Surgical Nurses to its competitors like Methodist, Memorial Herman, Texas Women Hospital. To... —  read more 

1000 laid off

2017 Layoffs

700+ folks were laid off by MDA, things are bad. And - it'll get worse in the second half of the year. —  read more 

It's getting harder and harder

I used to be proud to work for MD Anderson, but nowadays it's getting harder and and harder to find good enough reason to stay here. I can't pinpoint when it became so polluted as it is now, but current management certainly doesn't help. I realize... —  read more 

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