Topics regarding layoffs at HealthStream

Topics regarding layoffs at HealthStream

different direction

2nd round of layoffs in a handful of months. third division head in the last year results in reduction in product portfolio, shrinking international footprint, and fewer staff. the quick shift from overall growth investment and next-gen best of breed... — read more 

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2M Award

There you Go -

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More Layoffs

There is another round of layoffs at HealthStream this quarter. Not sure how large, but a some good people are gone. Other posts questioned whether there is growth still for this company. That's hard to answer. HealthStream is having a full scale... — read more 

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Not sure if growth can continue

I have no comments about layoffs at Healthstream but I am wandering if they will continue to grow. Growth was one of the big things at Healthstream when I was there (2012 to 2014) and I really liked that. Nobody talked about job cuts and all was... — read more 

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