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Hostile Work Environment at AIG

So we are all maxed out and weary from being given more work to handle because management keeps reducing the work force numbers
Due dates remain......more demands and new processes that do not that are garbage...
Yet we are expected to handle 30% more work and have great customer service yet we, the WORKERS get no respect from management. No cost of living adjustments.
No raises.
No promotions from within, yet they continue to weekly hire more Upper Management

Wonder why no one has started a Class Action Suit for a Hostile Work Environment

Well maybe we should.....

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To @11nbTfsq-2urg. You need to get real. Claims work hard. Adjusters get RIF'd, or leave and they don't get replaced. You obviously aren't a Claims Adjuster.

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Come to Claims. Some of us are still coasting way off the grid in e-work.

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work slowdown this week

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No longer at AIG, but when I was there, towards the end it became miserable and unbearable. New management blamed middle management for all of the current issues. Glad to be gone, sometimes i miss it from time to time, walking into 175 with it's huge lobby. But I remember that was the legacy of Hank's AIG and not the current hybrid monstrosity. I am betting the company gets split up.

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To 11nbTfsq-exl
No, in our department, we are constantly shifting gears as to clients——Lexington to Private Client to Platinum —-
Then there are the different policies, different State requirements, etc. and we are expected to seamlessly integrate all, get payments out on time, diary, etc. yet we are badly understaffed and rather then hire to replace employees that have retired, resigned, let go, they just spread the load.

Every day is a pressure cooker.
Subsequently, a Hostile Work has been created by Upper Mangement intentionally!

Yet, at least once a week they hire more upper management but no WORKERS!

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I'm having kind of the opposite problem. I'm seriously burned out from doing so much work but all the work is so painfully easy that I get "errors" every so often - I'm talking like 1 out of every 200 tasks. And having to have conversations about these b.s. errors with my manager makes me feel like my brain is just melting out of my ears. Management knows I am capable of handling way more challenging work but they're content having us do mindless b.s. while like one team lead per per gets seemingly overloaded with all the meaty projects.

Anyone else noticing this trend or is it just me? I tell my friends and family what my "job duties" are and they look at me like.."wtf?"

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