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They are moving a lot of their banking overseas.. what does this mean for customers?

Well Jp Morgan Chase does not like to call it a lay-off. They refer to it as an opportunity. And they are focusing in on tenured employees. Mind you they are moving a lot of their banking over seas.. what does this mean for customers?? In a day and age the identity theft is rampant? Here you have one of the top 5 banks putting your information out in a country that when they first moved their banking over there the fraud over doubled in that country. And what did Chase do to protect you they handled your fraud but what else have these identity thief’s done with your information??? And where is Chase now? Yep you guesses it no where to be found.

Well, I think that @11b1ZIQm-mdeb raised an interesting point in this post

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It’s amazing people choose to work for a corporation that is owned by stockholders and then complain that the companies goal is to make profit. Also, not everyone at the firm is arrogant enough to think they are a better human being, smarter, more capable and entitled to a job just because of the country they live in.

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