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Good and Bad about Chevron - December 2019 Edition

20 Employee reviews listed below. All created in last 30 days. Source below. Upvote my post if you want me to post this summary every month.

  1. Digital Innovation Leader in Houston, TX
  • Good: Good place to work. Lots of opportunity and nice culture.
  • Bad: Things can move slow and middle management is too heavy. Salaries are a bit on the lower side for top performers. Career promotion and salary increases can be very slow.
  1. Control Systems Engineer in Houston, TX
  • Good: Great benefits. Competitive pay. Collaboration is fostered. Good work-life balance depending on team. Overall good culture
  • Bad: Large organization, sometimes political, sometimes difficult to get direct answers on management plan for employees
  1. Process Operator
  • Good: Benefits
  • Bad: Health and Dental insurance are not competitive as you'd expect freon a fortune 500 company
  1. Production Operator in San Antonio, TX
  • Good: Well paid, job security, 12 hour shifts
  • Bad: Traveling out of state
  1. Sales Associate/Cashier in Palmerdale, AL
  • Good: I love meeting new ppl and also seeing Familiar faces we have a lot of regulars that come in there and they always bring a smile to my face
  • Bad: A lot of drama
  1. Field Engineer
  • Good: Pay, scene, atmosphere, relationships, company legacy
  • Bad: Work load, interview process, no
  1. Reservoir Simulation Engineer in Houston, TX
  • Good: The company takes good care of you. People are dedicated and hard working.
  • Bad: Like in any big organization, the pace of work and career progression is slower than what you would expect in a smaller company
  1. DSP Engineer
  • Good: Money is good
  • Bad: Oil is destroying the environment
  1. Employee in Pascagoula, MS
  • Good: This company hires top notch people in every department. They have very good subject matter experts. Benefits are amazing. Safety culture is amazing.
  • Bad: The corporate culture is very competitive. Being a female, it was hard trying to adjust to a predominately male work environment.
  1. Petroleum Engineer in Houston, TX
  • Good: Pay is competitive & generous benefits
  • Bad: Layoffs & no job security
  1. Customer Service Representative in Walnut, CA
  • Good: Work in a quiet area so very calm... mainly cleaning throughout most of the shift. The manager is very nice and approachable. Register is new so there are hardly technical issues and angry customers.
  • Bad: Pay is still 12 the hour even though many places pay more. Literally under minimum. The company holds very high standards so they are picky about how everything is done and how well, (like cleanliness and exactly what to say to customers). Little things like this are cons but not terrible.
  1. Senior Project Manager in Houston, TX
  • Good: Chevron ensures that employees are guided in career direction and gives them opportunities to progress.
  • Bad: Currently Chevron has a shrinking portfolio of projects.
  1. Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Good: I've enjoyed working here and am thankful that Chevron has paid for much of my training and education. Benefits are good and they have done a good job with progressive programs like M.A.R.C that has allowed for employees at all levels to have open, candid and supposedly "safe" conversations around bias thinking, non-inclusionary practices, and other adverse type of topics that have historically been swept under the carpet. It's a program that ideally will help with molding a better culture that will eliminate the "good 'ol boy" mentality in Oil & Gas industry.
  • Bad: Current internal hiring process/career development programs are not as inclusionary as it could be, specifically within the IT world. Too many "badly behaving" managers are being promoted and allowed to continue to bully or mistreat their direct reports. If you're an admin and have a brain and want to get promoted, stay away from the IT groups here.
  1. Engineer in Houston, TX
  • Good: Starbucks.
  • Bad: Local Optimization is rewarded. Local Optimizations + Short-term positions (1-3yrs / system always in flux) + Decisions by Consensus + Layers and Layers of management + Processes over Processes = Complexity and Minimized Traceability and Accountability for bad decsions. IT decisions are NEVER questioned. IT projects are NEVER held accountable in the same manner Core Business is.
  1. Field Specialist in Midland, TX
  • Good: Chevron loves promoting from within, plenty on room to move around in the same company
  • Bad: Must be promoted into salary
  1. Process Engineer in Houston, TX
  • Good: People, for the most part, are more respectful at Chevron compared to other oil and gas companies at which I've worked. Career trajectories are high if you're willing to go with the flow and move every few years to that next opportunity. Diversity is more valued than many other oil and gas companies. Strong safety culture with ability to stop work. Extroverts go far here.
  • Bad: Technical subject matter expertise is not cultivated from within. Those bringing in technical capability externally will feel underappreciated because managers don't know what good actually looks like. Company is trying to integrate upstream and downstream but won't be successful as long as there is such a huge pay difference between the two. Downstream technical engineering salaries are lower compared to many other downstream players. To advance in downstream, ops management seems like the only way to go. Gotta talk the talk and play the game. Due to performance rankings vs. your peers, you gotta fight your way to be competitive–lot of hey, look at me me me!
  1. Employee in Houston, TX
  • Good: Pay, benefits, yearly bonus and at least cost of living raise every year, 9/80 schedule, 401k match, work/life balance ok if you don’t have an on-call position.
  • Bad: Volatile Oil & Gas industry, micromanaged and ranked for your performance by mid level Mgmt who don’t even know how to do your job, if you work hard and are good at what you do you get the slackers’ work as well, have meetings to decide when the next meeting is, want you to hurt working relationships by doing an NLI on your co-worker every month or quarter. And favoritism all over the place. Mgmt will have drinks on the weekends with their pet employees. They say they want you to speak up and give an opinion at meetings, but the people that don’t get laid off every other year when they have massive layoffs during a ROM are the same people who don’t say one word at meetings... or that have drinks with Mgmt on the weekends.
  1. Well Site Manager in Houston, TX
  • Good: Excellent benefits and resources. Very team driven. Leadership is always making good decisions.
  • Bad: Work life balance for field employees.
  1. Graveyard in Carlsbad, CA
  • Good: Very structured, and great benefits
  • Bad: Aside from wonky customers sometimes everything was great.
  1. Field Specialist in Orla, TX
  • Good: Very team oriented
  • Bad: Huge company so processes are sometimes slow


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Employees invite bullying from managers when they tolerate it instead of immediately calling the HR hotline.

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#13... “Too many "badly behaving" managers are being promoted and allowed to continue to bully or mistreat their direct reports”. Uhhh, yeah. EXACTLY.

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Agree with #14, the only good thing about this place is Starbucks.

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Wow, I can’t believe I actually read to number 3! I can’t get that time back! Please do not post this every month, one time was horrible enough. Thanks and let’s get back to some lay-off posts! This is a lay-off site after all.

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OP you're a model employee, got the cut and paste skills down!

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#17 - mgmt has drinks on the weekends with their favorites as well as the wives/husbands are included. Goes hunting with favored subordinates, have holiday functions at the manager’s home also with favorites then lays off employees that do the work.

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#17 from Houston has the best gripe:
"""Mgmt will have drinks on the weekends with their pet employees"""

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  1. AMBU Drilling Engineer in Coraopolis, PA

Good: BU is finally shutting down, but we are still more profitable then UC and ETC.
Bad: BU is finally shutting down.

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