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Must be available 78 hours a week for full time benefits?

So now you’ll have to be available 78 hours a week for Kronos otherwise you may loose insurance or pay for it out of your pocket ? When all other companies are throwing things at employees to keep them , Whole Foods once again is trying and will succeed in loosing them. Team member happiness does not exist. What kind of Scrooge came up with this scheme of profits before people?

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Kronos can only work if everyone on the team has the best availability. However, I doubt that even if our entire team had open 24 hour availability that it could produce a schedule that wasn't entirely garbage. In fact next week I think I'm going to change everyone's availability to open just to see the crazy schedule it puts out. I have to fix everything anyway.

Now that our initial phase of Kronos is over at our store I've completely stopped using it to make schedules and will continue to do so until someone catches me and tells me to stop. I told my STL I was doing this and he was fine with it. I did everything exactly as trained and directed for 3 months and Kronos never once learned anything or made a schedule that wasn't so bonkers I had to spend 4-5 hours fixing it.

Now I simply write the schedule how we need it to be and lock it. There are 2 Tms I let Kronos decide to give some shifts to but I always end up deleting the added shifts.

In order for Kronos to actually work it needs to know:

  1. What hours we are open. Why schedule a random TM at 3 am on a non load/non m.s. day?
  2. What days and hours our load arrives and is worked. We work load before the store is open, not at 8am. A huge chunk of grocery labor need to be from 3-8 a.m.
  3. Who is an overnight Tm? They are designated in Kronos but it will put anyone on overnights and overnighters in the a.m. regardless of their availability in Kronos.
  4. Finally it needs to know the strengths and abilities of each Tm. For example, don't schedule someone to drive the forklift/use the power jack if they have not been trained and certified.
  5. Traffic. Kronos will schedule 17 Tms on Monday and 5 on Saturday with huge gaps where no TM is in the store. Our busiest hours are short-staffed and slowest hours overstaffed.

The worst part is there isn't anyone in a regional/global position that could k–l or fix Kronos that isn't fully aware of how awful it is. They are more focused on reducing hours from 40 to 36 which could very easily be monitored without using Kronos.

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Yeah i dunno where people get their info. All the docs clearly state this isn’t the case for next year’s changes

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If you can’t come in with 24 hrs open availability whole foods cuts your hours when you can’t come in on your day off and the store leadership team will hold you to it.
Once we post it don’t they have to honor it!
Whole foods leadership is only their to make sure they succeed team members pay for the bills with more hours cut,benefits cut or just losing your job for reporting issues.

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Untrue. I'm at 32 hrs. A week and have full benefits. I recently looked into this and they confirmed this.

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