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36 hours full time = 10% pay cut

No more 40 Hours ?

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I bet no one in corporate for a 10% pay cut

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as of January 1st PT20 is going away and PT and PT20 will be simply called PT.

Before Jan 1st:
PT = up to 19 hours
PT20 = Up to 29 Hours
FT = Up to 40 hours

After Jan 1st:
PT = up to 29 hours
FT = up to 36 hours scheduled.

I say scheduled because they want you to stick to it, but the 4 hour difference is there so you can work late without getting overtime if you need to without having to cut on another shift.

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I’ve had a 10% or more cut this whole year, ridiculous.

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That's the directive in our store, but in some high volume stores they will have the labor budget to spare.

The problem is our labor budgets are not even big enough to pay our full timers their guaranteed minimum of 36 hours let alone PT's. For example, my team gets a labor budget of 460ish hours a week. In order to give the minimum hours to FT's we have to schedule 510ish hours a week. We also have 6 or so PT's that we can't just schedule zero hours otherwise why are they even employed?

If we WERE to schedule to the budget AND the 36 hour guideline we would have enormous gaps in coverage (I mean even more enormous) no PT's would EVER be scheduled and we would NEVER accomplish what we need to.

As it is, I am by myself most shifts in a combined Market team, recently changed to Grobody. I make the schedule and I would rather it be myself that has to be alone than my TMs who are terrible but I can't get rid of.

As Team leadership or even store leadership we cannot get rid of dead weight. Global just needs to up the budget so we can get things done and increase sales with c.s. or have another massive layoff.

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