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To those of you that are living the dream at WF, I suggest reading Nomadland by Jessica Bruger.
If reading this book doesn’t convince you to get the heck out of WF, then you deserve what you get.
Amazon could care less about any of you.
If you think k–ling yourselves to make Amazon happy is going to get anywhere, think again.

Be smart.... Happy New Year to you all!

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My metro has only 2 stores. If I had a dollar for everyone who bragged and complained about how they couldn’t wait to get out, eventually did it, but then came back 6-8 months later for whatever reason I’d might have enough money to get out myself.

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Nowhere, in the OP, does it say to “GET OUT NOW”.
It merely says get out.

You are absolutely correct! The game HAS changed, and getting out will require some soul searching and patience. But, it can be done.
Life is about choices. Every choice we make decides our future. If a previous choice we made no longer serves us, we can choose again.

Good for you for making a plan and for sharing the steps you took to implement your plan. It is a solid one. Hopefully other folks will follow your advice and do the same.

Best of luck in your next adventure!

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Really gettin tired of ppl on here saying, " get what you deserve..." if you don't quit. Has anyone considered the fact that maybe that's easier said then done? Americans can be told all day long that the economy is strong and there are jobs a plenty but that doesn't matter if you're part of the 65% of the eligible workforce seeking work in the blue collar market. "Well go get a degree then Boomer!". In case you haven't noticed, college in America ain't free. Almost 45% of students in college right now are literally working their way through it so even if someone's decided to GET OUT NOW or get what they deserve... bills still gotta get paid.

If you're going to advise WFM TMs to leave WF cause it's only going to get worse, at least offer up some constructive advice on how to transition out. Provide some resources for those who may not think they have a choice or the skill set to leave since it's all they known for 10+ years. We've got to stop being so critical and start being proactive supporters. The world is a very different place now and if we don't start showing some empathy for what each of us are/may be going through our path ahead will not be a good one.
My advice if you want to leave:

  1. Plan. Plan like your life depends on it, cause it does.
  2. Set your timeline, even if it's 3yrs that's ok cause it might not take that long.
  3. Surround yourself with people and things that support and align with your new life. Positive influences only!
  4. It's ok to be afraid. Allow yourself that. Fear is a natural response evolved into our DNA to make us aware of a situation that "may" cause harm thus allowing us to choose how to react. Remember you have a CHOICE in how you respond. No danger Will Robinson? Then proceed with confidence.

I'm in the final year of my transition out of a loooong career with WFM. It was not easy, I put it off many times but when I realized I was staying because it was easier than pursuing what would make me happy, I ran out of excuses. I decided I'm not going to listen to the naysayers and finally get paid to do what I love and wake up everyday loving what I do. :)
Good luck all! Happy New Year!

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