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Meanwhile, in Campbell

I went in the Campbell, CA store the first week of Nov.

There were no other customers visible.

The first quadrant of the store was filled with random junk, probably junk they picked up from a liquidator.

There was an entire aisle (both sides) of portable evaporative air conditioners....same model.

Not really a big seller in November.

The next aisle had a bunch of "as seen on TV" garbage that had nothing to do with electronics.

Another aisle had some other random garbage.

Then there was aisle after aisle of emptiness.

The signage above the aisles was a mere ghost of what used to grace the shelves.

I finally had to ask where to find an HDMI cable.

I was sent to an aisle whose sign made no reference to anything even close to cables.

Every cord, cable, adapter, fitting, outlet, for every possible application was condensed to a 10 ft long patch of mostly empty pegboard hangers.

What I saw used to cover a few aisles.

I was puzzled why they would have centered the remnants of merchandise in the aisle, causing me to walk past 50 ft of nothingness on both sides.

I thought it would be less obvious and more convenient if they'd stocked it near the front of the aisle.

They had 1 option for an HDMI cord (I think Walgreens has more than that).

I headed toward Impulse Buy Alley (the queue) and got to the registers without having to pause for anybody ahead of me because I was the only customer in the whole store at 6pm on a weeknight.

I walked straight up to the completely empty counter, looking for a cashier, and there were none.

I looked at my watch to see if the store had closed while I was there for 8 minutes, but I missed the announcement.

I called out for help and a woman who clearly didn't want to be there schlumped her way to the register, never looking up at me once.

I tried to make small talk, but was being ignored.

She didn't even tell me my total.

I ran my credit card, and she hand me my receipt without looking up.

I thanked her and wished her a good evening....crickets.

I got to my car and opened the package for the cable box I had just picked up at Comcast and realized there was already an HDMI cord in it.

(There wasn't supposed to be, but the guy hooked me up).

I was tempted to walk back into Frys to get my $8 back, but just couldn't be bothered.

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I can't even begin to say how inappropriate this 'article'is because the site itself is for people that work inside of companies to discuss layoffs that are happening within their company and yet because you have no place to put your journalism, because apparently like to hear yourself talk you have to come here and post your retail horror stories for everybody to read because nobody pays attention to you. I for one would enjoy hearing from employees that work inside of the store because if the store is not closing I don't know why management doesn't put their lazy asses to work to clean the place up because it is extremely dirty in the stores so either they're closing or their management is extremely lazy.

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Nice read. Poor Fry's (not the owners, but what the store used to be).

Love the owner's them or hate them (mostly hate them), going to Fry's bring back some good memories from a time long gone (build, upgrade, customize computers).

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