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RKDixon/HCL received Their60 day notices today

Sad day.

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I'm currently a NON-rebadged employee with many years at my core. I had many happy years there before Xerox/Icahn infiltrated. Didn't help that the top level staff "retired" around the time it got bad. We're a lost company with no footing... lots of uncertainty, lots of turnover and I fully believe there is lots more to come.

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Wow. I was a 30 year employee. The last decade shocked me and my peers as to "how fast and how furious" things went downhill and picked up speed. Everybody blames Ursula, but I think it was earlier than that. Poor planning for the future (always been Xerox's Achilles's heel) and greed did it in. When things were outsourced to HCL the first time (was that 2011?), everybody got let go (save a few). This time no one believed for a minute they were safe. Ursula once said something like "Once this recession passes, we 're going to realize that the print volumes we once enjoyed in the trans-promo world are gone and aren't coming back, and therefore we need something else to sell"

I think she was referring to the ACS acquisition? Well, we see how that fanned out. Much like Carly Fiona buying Compaq, whose own integration was a disaster, the Xerox/ACS integration was disastrous.

Carl Icahn saw a fledgling company that most likely would not be able to recover from it's own mis-management, waited for the opportunity, and took it. Lots of money to be made selling it's assets. Buildings, Leases, Equipment, "right down to the last typewriter". (Anybody check to see if the pension fund was over-funded lately?).

We can b–ch and gripe, but in the end, it's not our/your fault. We built a product no ones needs as much anymore, and forgot to adapt to the new ways. There's still a little life left in printing, but not enough to sustain the many many manufacturers all vying for the same customers.

Carl will not win the HP battle, and will resort to dumping liabilities (Impika is shut down (yea, a Liability) Leases, taxable properties, people (yep - that's happening FAST!) and then will sell the assets (FFPS is gone, FujiXerox Stake is gone, Webster is being 'moved' to Carolina....).

Once they start selling patents, it's the equivalent of looking for change in the seat cushions....

I love this company, I'm 2nd Generation Xeroid (we have blue blood, not red). I was let go in the first wave, my last day is this month, but I landed a great job to replace what I did at Xerox.

I'm sorry for all that the near future brings. Sadly, we are the next Kodak. KM, Ricoh, Canon, Lexmark, etc, will enjoy the benefits of our death, at least until it happens to them as the decline in print continues.

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We had HCL onsite at RKDixon for about five weeks. The process has been... messy.

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How many were affected at RK Dixon??

This whole thing has been terrible.

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Man they're coming fast and furious!!!
Too bad offshore wasn't learning as fast
We are over 4 months in transitioning work and still not even close to give them 100% of work
We lost most of our people already and those of us left just don't care anymore, what once was my career is now just a paycheck for now

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