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Any one else in Canada get their Severance package today?
I know people in the US talked on here that it would be 8 or 12 weeks but Canada packages seem much better.
Most of us were offered around 3 weeks per year of service. So might be worth sticking it out for anyone that isnt sure.

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I thought most provinces had similar regulations. What province is offering 4 weeks per year? That's a huge difference from NB laws.

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I can assure you my information is accurate
The statements you are referring to look to be the published Provincial records for New Brunswick so perhaps you are in the call center in Saint John??
You will be offered between 2 and 3 weeks per year of service if you have over 5 years in the company as full time service.
Xerox follows the guidelines of the highest Provincial regulations from all of the provinces to avoid lawsuits as stated in a previous post
Nobody in Canada will get that small a severance but if you wish to take that, Xerox would be very happy.
I hope that makes for much better news for you out of this mess.Best of luck!!

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I don't know where you are getting your info but your following statement is not accurate.....“Common law” in Canada after 5 years employment is 4 weeks per year of service.

Labor law site says:
2-5 years gets you a total of 2 weeks pay
5-10 years gets you 4 weeks of pay
10+ years gets you 8 weeks

So they are definitely offering more than they legally need to. But of course they want to avoid any legal issues and move on.

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It’s country laws and standards that create the difference in the Canadian severance.
“Common law” in Canada after 5 years employment is 4 weeks per year of service.
HCL/Xerox are offering closer to 3 weeks and even though it makes for a reasonably attractive severance package they are still making out cheaper than they should be because every fifth person they are paying for free from the 1 week they save on every person.
Keep in mind that the norm is 4 weeks/a month so you can choose to challenge the 3 week offer. If you have 25 years of service the difference is one week shy of 6 months pay.
Just keep that in mind as this plays out.
They are throwing you out. Don’t kid yourself so take what you EARNED
YOU decide so you are satisfied.
Shame our US brothers and sisters don’t have the same laws in this but if they challenged how JV came in and reduced the severance packages TWICE since he came to his position (capping to 23 weeks(?), then to 12 for D3 positions and to 8 weeks for D2)
Then they would wind up in a better position.
There is no doubt Johnie knew full well what he was doing in screwing you all over. I Would hope that is easy to prove in court. Then again, nobody said common sense was in abundance anywhere at any time either.

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In Canada, unlike the US, most benefits are protected under law as part of an employment agreement, even if the employee is not covered under a Union. If an employer significantly cuts an employee's total compensation and benefits package without making-up for the loss in some fashion, it raises a constructive dismissal case. If such a case is confirmed, the penalty in the form of additional severance pay, health coverage, etc. is significant and cover a long period of time. Most employers avoid constructive dismissal at all costs.

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Interesting. Which group got that offer?

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the severance package is based on the legal requirements by COUNTRY. In the US, there is little or no support for non-union employees. Works Councils and other employee statutory requirements vary by country (and in some instances by state as well).

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