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What happened to the year of the Underwriter

BD talked about this in his e-mail blasts and on Town Halls. What happened? I work in claims and over 90% of business I heard was being written was for TPA's. Is that what BD was referring to? Very sad the amount of business we retained and the amount of new business that was written. Along with that oh yes, another Senior Management, one of BD and PZ's buddies was given a newly created Senior Management position for Head of TPA's.

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Oh yes BD will walk away with millions, lots of stock, his LTI and STI. But while he's here, I wounder if he will get another raise again this year that is approved by the board. What about approving a cost of living raise for all employees instead of giving him and his buddies all raises again this year. He's here 3 years and has gotten raises. However for an employee to get a raise, they have to pull teeth and then there's always an excuse

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BD also told us that we would have a combined ratio in the 80s by his 3rd year and we would be the world leader in insurance. If i'm not mistaken, we are at year 3 of BD's reign. There is no combined ratio in the 80s, we are not even close to being the AIG of the past and BD will soon be walking out with millions regardless of his failure.

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