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A people hire B people...

A people hire B people.

B people hire C people.

C people hire D people.

D people hire F people.

F people have to hire someone, so they divide their groups into those who can and those who can't. Those who can't become the boot-lickers, those who can become the people who are isolated and told to do the boot-lickers work for them.

That's how I saw what was going on before I left.

In addition, there are no A or B people still working at Oracle. Those are people who expect to be treated fairly and compensated according to the quality of the work they do. A and B people can swim to another ship that is not sinking like Oracle.

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The corollary is:

B people are afraid of A people.
C people are afraid of A and B people.
D people are afraid of A, B and C people.
F people are afraid of everyone and seek to manipulate and control, as they have no other skills.

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The same kind of person that hangs on said anon board to blindly argue! Bootlicker!

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It's not a whine, it's a warning.

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What kind of people go on anon board and whine?

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