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Beware of Arbitration

I was told my position was being eliminated in Sept 2017 although the IT group I was forced into months before remained intact.

I was offered a severance that was not acceptable to me so I did not sign or accept it.

Instead, I found an attorney who began by attempting to negotiate a better severance.

Their legal demwits decided to act like a-holes about it with my legal team.

They dug deeper into my story and what happened to me the years I was there and we are in a full-fledged legal case with them now.

Unfortunately (until Jan 2020) you are forced to sign a clause of arbitration at the UHG/Optum360 that I was working in so thusly I have gone through a lot.

My attorney's got the EEOC - right to sue.

Along the way, they have tried every single thing to stop me.

I have had to sit through numerous depositions for myself and be (allowed to) witness my team deposing the defendants' side.

They attempted to get several of the counts (MJS) suppressed but was denied by the arbitrator.

They showed up to a mediation in bad faith with no intent on actually attempting to mediate a settlement.

Was a complete waste of time.

Now it's arbitrator time in a few months.

The arbitrator is a role paid by the defendants' side which means he leans toward the defendants' side.

It is said that no arbitrator will give a true settlement to plaintiff because they are always concerned about getting future business from the defendants and other big company's out there who would think twice about hiring an arbitrator how settled a case fairly for millions even if millions are appropriate and would prevail with a jury trial.

Arbitrators are supposed to be impartial but they really are not.

I live in California and I am writing a book about this entire experience and how I was treated from this company.

My case involves: racial discrimination, equal pay act, retaliation, hostile work environment, fraud, sabotage, age discrimination, gender discrimination, failure to investigate, labor code, and wrongful termination.

They are guilty of all of this and more.

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63 laid off after 28 years with exceeds yearly reviews. Want I learned a little to late is to use UHC as a stepping stone to start career but do not stay. Search and find a company that appreciates your dedication. My mistake was not taking a government job that was offered to me. Do not make my mistake. Learn, forget and move on, quickly.

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I had a friend at UHC that was laid off after years of exemplary service at a VP level. She was over 60 when she was laid off. She discussed her situation with an employment attorney, who basically told her... sign the severance and move on. You won't win. UHG has hundreds of lawyers on staff purely to fight legal cases like this and it's simply not worth the pain and effort... when the end result is you won't win anyway. Take the severance and walk away. No run, actually.

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At the end of the day its a scummy thing to do. We all know that.. but being realistic that's why they are a fortune 500 company.. any smart business OVER hires so when they need to save money they technically don't "lose" people.. they just take advantage of the cushion they made themselves..Again SCUMMY but its the business model that made them successful (financially speaking)

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Yes, we know. You've posted this numerous times.

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