Thread regarding Lowe's Cos. layoffs

Business Insider article on Lowes

The above link should take you to an article on LOWES scheduling screwup.

What the miss is the details.

My dept has no one till 9:30, then two CSAs
Clock in - how stupid

At the same time there is NO ONE SCHEDULED in hardware, Millwork, or home decor

CUSTOMERs are walking out MARVIN

YOU MESSED WITH something that was not BROKEN.

AND LOWES CORP SAUS they are copying
Other companies!

Well I just interviewed with HD and they agreed has made a big mistake

The folks working in the dept get to choose their shift when ever they can and still have coverage

The store manager I interviewed with was a store manager for LOWES

The bottom line is IT WAS NOT BROKEN

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Lowe's is a has been for long term employees, after that clown Ellison came aboard and tried some "newfangled" tactics to "improve" customer service at the grunt level.
How unfortunate that the Lowe's board hired Ellison to run the company into the ground!
It was time to leave, & boy am I glad that happened (Really)!
New job, new life and no more b—s— scheduling that was totally f'd up! 1 weekend off every 8 weeks and no consecutive days off during the week, as in "split" days off and no real days off during 2 week rotations? Hello!?!?!?!
One has to obviously has to be stuck on STUPID to carry on in that way at Lowe's!
Ellisons obvious tactic is to get rid of all the hard working dedicated long tem employees & replace all with incompetent low payed, part time floosies to pad the bottom line to reflect glowing returns...just wait, & we'll see how that works out Lowe's.
Whilst that clown Ellison works a cushy M-F job from 9 am to 5pm and collects 550 times more salary than the average shmoe on the front lines. No wonder HD skipped over him to lead them. Look what he did for JC Penney, ran that Co. into the ground! YaY!
Looks like he's gonna do the same to good 'ol Lowe's eventually as well.

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That you Marvelous , or is it small hands ?
Taking a try at being word police?
Then you missed the main focal point of the article, that there was a reason that HD didn't choose you and your band of miscreants as their leader.
Far be it to instruct a a person bent on their own self destruction.

"Whatever you do in life , surround yourself with smart people who will argue with you." John Wooden

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Wow, out of that entire paragraph there was not one sentence put together properly. Also, fantastic job on the spelling. You can’t even do those to small things correctly yet sit here and telling a CEO how to run his company. America 2019

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I’m certain that we are witnessing the death of Lowes.

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My coworker came from Depot 4 years ago. She says Depot isn’t as bad as what Lowe’s is now under Marvin.
She’s considering going back to Depot!

That speaks volumes about the current state of affairs at Lowe’s.

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Customer centric scheduling is just a way for Marvin to reduce the payroll while frustrating long term employees into quitting. Same thing with taking away the allowance from specialists; but that is another issue altogether. At my store, and will assume at others, we have people who are dedicated hard working associates who depend and need the income that their jobs provide.

We have no one in some departments until 10 am and other departments after 7 pm. We have an older associate who is a school bus driver that used to work 10 to 2 and Saturday only being scheduled on Saturday with customer centric scheduling.

We’ve noticed two things about Marvin. What he says and what he does contradict each other and he thinks that Lowe’s is so broken that everything needs changed to the way Home Depot does it. The man has no original ideas; all he does is copy.

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No one in seasonal in my store between 4-6 p.m. today. We call it "absurd centric scheduling."

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Contact the writers of these articles.

They will accept you wish to remain anonymous, but are always looking for facts and clarification of details.

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