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How is an SM expected to assist a very high volume Pharmacy, when there are only a total of (4) F/S employees, and therefore, they work in pairs, every other day?

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I love the genius who made all of the suggestions on how to achieve the staffing issue in the pharmacy. Only if it were that easy. I guess you forgot the 200 other things that have to get done in with only 4 employees. Ohhh wait let’s not forget the customers also.

It is so redundant to talk about staffing issues in this company over and over again.
One last time, stores are lacking payroll for the work load required to achieve good standard results.

CVS cares about numbers and nothing else, they don’t care how it is achieved.

If you are the type of employee who wants to do things right, you will burn yourself out in this company trying to achieve that.

Best of luck !

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Don't forget to help rx during their afternoon rush at the same time your doing your carepass power hour!

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Why don't you hire? Everyone complaining about hours is typically not hired to fill demand or terrible at scheduling. This woe is me attitude I see all the time is mostly self inflicted. When they said during the holiday cascade that there are no more places for bad managers to hide they were right.

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Depends. Are you being called for help because your Rx staff doesn't have enough hours or enough people?

If you don't have enough people; get your strongest Cashier/PT Supervisor to get their Tech License and send them back there a couple days per week. Repeat as needed until you are fully staffed in both departments.

If you don't have enough hours to pay your team; your LT is making a c-ap schedule or you aren't as high volume a Rx as you think.

Get with your Rx manager and get a staffing plan together. Find a way...or make one.

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This is exactly what is wrong with CVS. How do you run a store with only 4 employees? And then you’re still expected to help RX? Disgraceful is what it is!

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