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You Guys Have It Almost Right

DSD as you know it is ending, you can have DSD with no Reps or Merchs if the store is packing out and there computer is ordering

Lots of time and money was spent to get the biggest chains systems to get then to communicate with our systems

There is no on size fits all for the company in all chains/Stores some areas will go full warehouse with limited skus and some areas wont

Some/most of our warehouses are already ran by a 3rd party already limiting cost as some agreements just get a %$ of the product shipped

Most stores in big areas will still get direct shipped this is still cheaper then slotting fees and space for volume and keeps innovation on flavor and new items possible.

Pack out will be handed by the stores similar to Goya is areas where they direct ship but dont pack out

Sales force will consist mostly account managers at a corporate level selling chain wide programs and agreements.

Similar to Kellogg's (this is very dependent on area but yes my area still has Keebler cracker people in certain stores)
A small part time staff/3rd party workers will be kept/used to assist executing mandated displays and that's all they will do is some displays in some chains

Easyshift will be done by every day people just shopping and looking for a quick buck (download the app on person phone and sign up you know what I mean)

Your DM will now be the main point of contact with stores visiting every store around once a month on avg some small ones not at all

RMSs will still be around coordinating with 3rd partys/possibly part time staff on mandatory display placement/plans (think lobby themed POS, long term display placement, Walmart displays etc)

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Doubt it. DM and RMS are the 2 highest paid dsd employees. May happen that way at 1st but I'm sure a 3rd party like Acosta will be in charge of checking on accounts and doing the DMI eventually. Higher ups maybe telling you this to keep you through the transition. Good luck

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Makes sense. Dsd is a dying breed

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They will be!! That’s why they are taking their sweet time and why they are lying to protect their interest! I whole heartedly believe they are very close to making this jump! I have close connections with a few feet higher ups in other consumer goods companies and word on the street is, “DSD is ending”. For some companies that have a different distribution model, like Frito, Pepsi,
Coke, and government regulations on other vendors like beer and wine it will be different but for Mondelez, game over!! I’m grateful to have used all this time to position myself well!! Be smart and protect yourself, Mondelez sure is!

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You sound very informed. I believe that what you are saying is true. I understand the company keeping information from us and going on like business as usual, but I wonder if they are genuinely ready to finally take the big step?.

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Sounds about right to me from what I’ve gathered in our meetings.

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Tuesday announcement!!!! Let's gooooooooooo!!!

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