Thread regarding Oracle Corp. layoffs

Larry should step down

It will good for his pocket $$$ at the end.
What do you think?

Why not, everybody else do it. Smarter :-)

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Thank you, to whoever posted the following link. This case has been going on for so long, and I recall Joyce's email in February stating that they vehemently deny any such discrimination exists within the company and of course mentioned Safra Catz as an example there as well (how can they compare Safra Catz to every woman employee, please!).

Hope the judge makes a decision soon.

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Someone has to take blame for hiring discrimination and convince judge and public things will change. Keeping and getting gov contracts affects many jobs not just stock.
Who will take the blame? SC or LE?

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Larry made Oracle a "cult of the personality." Think of OOW keynotes as the big political rallies. Look at Oracle social media reverently quoting the hero. The public, shareholders, and most importantly, customers all identify the company with the "billionaire playboy," "billionaire America's Cup winner, " or "billionaire software magnate."

Tesla has the same situation with EM. Interesting he reportedly has LE as longtime bro mentor.

Far fewer members of the public could pick the Google guys out of a lineup.

The personality identification thing will make it rocky when LE is no longer at Oracle. Probably best LE cash preservation is to sell most of Oracle before that. Not sure to what company though!

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