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How does the HCL deal work?

Anyone know how the Xerox and HCL deal actually works or how HCL makes its money?
We are currently replacing 5 people with 8 in India but now they are trying to get Xerox to approve 10 headcount to replace the 5. They have to get Xerox to approve as they bill them back for the cost. So if the cost is just being billed back with I assume some type of uplift on the cost then why not just leave some of the current people in place since it would be no additional cost to HCL?

Would HCL have some type of saving percent or cost they would have committed to?

I know the stories said Xerox pays 1.3 million for 7 year deal with them. Would it be something like we will pay you 1.3 million to reduce our staffing cost by a certain amount?

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Did anyone ask how much stock Carl Icon owns in HCL??

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@Welcome to the greed....Thank you! It's always been my opinion that John V told HCL management "It's no big's just data entry work!" True, it's data entry work. HOWEVER, what HCL was not clued in on or Xerox senior management respected, is the thought processes that goes behind what is data entered. This type of knowledge is acquired over time through experience. Unfortunately, it is now too late. John V and the gang will learn this next year when XBS business really drops off.

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The issue with how this has not worked (which makes me smile) is based on one word: standardization
Xerox lied and manipulated HCL into all the jobs being process admin repetitive or simple call center functions repeating information from a database
The truth is for a lot of companies, this could have been true, but for Xerox, ummmm not so much.
As stated every Core operated as an individual business with their own processes. Not a standard formula that was a carbon copy (or “Xeroxed” - for the pun of it) so it’s a “learn one and follow the same for the others”.
This situation of reality also applies to the Engineering and customer support teams as their “call center” involvement might have been 10% of their skill set but was presented as “phone support” without attention to the other 34 sources they provide their skills to so the business flows.
Well in all cases, they are learning it now quite clearly.
The fact that HCL are delayed in their plan and that Xerox is facing a very high level of customer dissatisfaction is proof of the lack of understanding the top levels made general assumptions on instead of listening to the teams that tried to tell them what the mistakes were they were about to make.
HCL was and is in this as a business. It’s not their fault to do business. It’s the decision makers on the side of Xerox that are 100% in the fault in all of this.
It’s abundantly clear the plan was “I don’t care at all about what is going to happen to the customer or this company” because the intent from the very beginning was to polish the pig and sell it like a used car salesmen team would do for profit
HCL is not going to do well in this venture and most of us employed by Xerox will do even worse.
HCL might be better off at this point in just being the employer on paper and letting Xerox pay all the wages so HCL makes a lump sum for being the paper holder while Xerox avoids all those lawsuits over firing highly paid people for no reason.
I’m sure it’s worth 1.3M to Xerox just for HCL to keep that mess away while they polish the pig.
Oh -
Merry Christmas

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The future is bleak at Xerox & the repercussions of all these bad decisions and terrible short term strategies playing out in a few short years will be devastatingly. Throw in a recession & you have recipe for disaster. The goal was to sell but that won’t work so they are trying to buy HP & that won’t work either. Slap as much lipstick on this pig as you want, the fundamentals will prevail. Anyone thinking they have any future in this organization is wrong. Please think long and hard about your prospects and 5-10 years from now.

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Just saying.....

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Basically by going to HCL you would think it would save Xerox $, well that was the goal, outsource a job costing Xerox $50k to HCL who will pay that person probably 1/5th of that, Xerox no longer has that person on the books or pays them benefits, HCL has a contract with Xerox to get all the work done at a lower cost, if they produce I am sure there are incentives involved, HOWEVER, Xerox is realizing HCL cannot deliver, hence it taking double or triple the staff in india, manilla or guatemala to do the work of 1 american worker, at the same time having to keep or extend the contract of the american worker because they need them to get the job done, I know in the XBS cores that Xerox is charging back the cores for the american workers salaries, so not only is this outsourcing plan a disaster, it is costing Xerox way more $ than if they had left everything as is, this is by far the worst business decision ever, HCL thought because they did not fo their due diligence and Xerox lied that they could just take all work of 39 cores and combine and automate the work, nobody at HCL did their homework to realize we were 39 totally different run companies, all doing things differently due to our sizes and staff, the thing nobody knows though is that Xerox DOES have a clause in the contract signed that they could end this fiasco with HCL at any time, will they? no they won't because they just went into this whole thing not looking long term as they wanted to dump and run, haha Xerox, nobody wants your c-ap business!!! Like it's been said, HCL is basically a front for Xerox looking like they produce this much $ with this much payroll while nobody realizes they need to add on the HCL payroll too

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