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Just returned from the Sunnyvale one, looking for printer ink, and, as I haven't been to one it quite a while, was shocked at all the empty shelves...... Row after row of empty shelves. And, where there was stock, there was only a handful of items on an entire row. What a sad ending, considering how BUSY it used to be over the past 30 years or so......

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I went to the Sunnyvale store today on the way elsewhere just to take one last look at where I used to spend hours.

The entire stock could fit, comfortably, in less than 1/10th of the store. Entire aisles with absolutely nothing on the shelves, some areas that look like they have some stock turn out to be one model (perhaps something that just doesn't sell?) spread across tens of feet of shelf space one level deep.

What little there is on the shelves is often in sections with incongruous signage - for example, garden stuff (trowels, kneeling pads, garden hose, etc) in a section with signage indicating it was networking components (maybe the logic is that these items could be used if you're burying network cables just a couple inches underground?).

They had long since removed many of the massive number of checkout stations that were once in this store (of course the only time I saw more than half in use was holiday shopping seasons shortly after the store opened). There was only one checker and I only saw one person buy anything.

The good news that I didn't have to say "no thanks" as I strode past the receipt checker – as there was none.

I recall eagerly getting a copy of the SJ Murky News from the newsstand every week to peruse the Fry's ad and often ended up heading to Mecca to get something that I didn't even know I needed until I saw it in the ad.

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(1) Ordered a laser printer online last Thursday. The fulfillment center in Sunnyvale called at the end of the day to say they were cancelling the order due to lack of inventory. Website still says they have it in stock. (2) Asked the clerk in the motherboard section in San Diego yesterday how long before they close. He would not admit they are closing: "just temporary low inventory". Wow! Not sure why they bothered putting out buckets all over the store to catch the rain leaks.

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