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Concord, CA

Went to the Fry's in Concord, CA today. It was worse than my last visit. More shelves were empty. The remaining laptops were now on a long table instead of the section that the were previously in. There were still TVs but not nearly as many as was the previous norm. The DVD/Blu-ray section might as well have not existed. A lot of what was there was pure garbage. The "As Seen on TV" section had more merchandise than the electronics sections. There were only two cashiers and only one had a customer.

There was a definite "smell" of a store in a death spiral. On the way out I asked the employee at the door about the increasingly empty sections and how long the store could hold on. He said that it wasn't closing and that, incredulously, the plan was for a major merchandise restocking to done by Black Friday. When I questioned how this was possible, he said nothing but the look on his face said that he knew this was company BS. I wished him luck and left never to return.

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