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All 4 Fry's locations in Texas near me in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are absolutely vacant now. I used to go there to check out computer components, motherboards, memory, cases, etc...

but now...the old section for motherboards is stacked floor to ceiling with cases of bottled water. The new section for motherboards has four motherboards on the should. FOUR!!! absolutely ZERO video cards, only 12 PC monitors on display, all display areas nearly empty, yet at the front of the store it looks like a damn flea c-ap you would expect to see in a dollar store.

I asked one of the few employees I managed to find on staff the last time I went when they were getting any new merchandise because the store has looked like it had for months...he said, and I quote: "We have no idea. Management isn't telling us anything, and they have the staff down to a bare skeleton crew at this point." I then tracked down a manager and point-blank asked him when the store was closing just to see if he would admit to it...and his reply was "All Texas stores are going to close within the next 8 months, if not sooner."

So if all of Fry's locations in the Dallas area are clsing...I would fully expect others to close, if not the entire company. They've been on a downhill slide for a long time now.

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I work for the company. The Manager telling you 8 months is just his honest speculation. The company tells us only as-of-yet seen positive promises. Going consignment for prior vendors is near nonexistent with the proof of this showing for the past 9 months. Sure a few will give us some kind of deal-the mass majority have (smartly) declined. Due to this Frys is finding no-name vendors that they are either making consignment deals with, or will most likely treat the same as all these other vendors they still owe money to (I fully expect these new vendors to get screwed over).

Ive said it before, only two corporate (which is really just a district level) managers know whats going on aside from John and Randy Fry. Even Directors have suddenly lost their jobs, but I dont feel bad because multiple people at their level should have been pushing to ask questions on these seriously stupid decisions. Its like your house is on fire but your being cowed into asking questions on how to save your house, so you dont and just watch it burn until someone suddenly tells you bye bye.

The decision making abilities and intelligence can be summed up in the treating of Duluth. A lock on the door when you suddenly show up snd a note to go to a store 30-40 minutes further away. What an excellent plan to show customers and employees your trustability when official spokesman made contradictory statements now proven to be lies, and now every associate in all stores are seeing that at any day your store might be next and your suddenly out of a job. Sure that store needed shut down due to dragging revenue in the negatives, but lol, what a mo–nic way to do it. Bravo to John and Randy Fry. Rich kids grown up seem clueless about a lot of things it seems. They probably even think they were successful people, but this level of ineptitude and decision making reveals the truth-they'd probably be average workers today if it wasnt for daddys money.

Like the Manager talked to, Im guessing a shutdown sometime soon due to increasing negative revenue and continued id–tic decisions like bringing in no name brands of offshoot products no one comes into the stores for anyways. No one believes the lies that consignment based is our ultimate save-me solution.

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Went to the Arlington store looking for a HDMI to DVI converter cable. It was eery in there, whole aisles empty and unstocked components everywhere. The computers section has been totally picked clean, there were like 5 roral monitors in stock. The entire stockroom/warehouse was totally empty, giant shelves just empty. The weird thing is nothing is marked down? They're just trying to grab as much money as possible before the inevitable.

Went to the cables and found what I needed, but it was the last one. I expect they will be out of business by spring, if not sooner.

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Been there 20 min ago. The Store is empty (almost)

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