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Down the drain we go

Ok, having two CEOs was stupid and expensive, but now we hear that O will have a single CEO - SC, which is id–tic.
Welcome to management by spreadsheets by somebody who has no experience with either technology or sales.
The O strategy is to milk cash flow and slowly shut the company down, except it doesn’t work that way. Prepare for more layoffs, more cost cutting followed by a crash as customer flee at an accelerating pace.
Abandon ship!

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Definitely more indication that LE's concern is mostly the management of money. Spreadsheets all the way. Oracle will die, but they will nickel and dime it to death.

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Good summary Sweet17 - the challenge he’ll have is comparisons to the growth of SFDC, MSFT, and AWS - no way O can compete

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Bullsh*t artist extrodinare does not equate to a great software company. If the CIA had not demanded the ACID features god only knows what would have been created......c-ap.

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Look, LE thinks "he alone can fix this" much as DJT promised in 2016. SC is his trusted enabler. He does not want anyone to rival him. MH owed big time they had arrangement.
New CEO might actually say wtf are you thinking...

The dynamic duo will do what it takes to keep dividend up for LE, price up enough not to cause margin call. If you are a cost cut, well, sorry not sorry.
The earnings call was amazing. Both duo very bad reading script about logos and such. But when LE just got to go free flow on questions he was magnificent. Young, vital...forcthat moment Oracle was on track to more greatness.

But market thought better after sleeping on it

Larry is amazing. Those disadvantages he says prepared him for success damaged him beyond repair. But when he uses his charisma for that instant you see how he got to where hevis.

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