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“Fulltime” changing to 30/wk in 2020?

Anyone else hear rumblings of this change coming next year?

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Full Time in our store is scheduled MAX 36 hours. That way if we have to stay late a few times we have a 4 hour buffer before overtime hits. PT's get 0-19 hours. PT 20 get max of 28 until Jan 1st when PT 20 goes away. After the 1st I think PT is not guaranteed any hours at all but up to 28 or they have to become full time to be guaranteed the 36 hours.

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It’s not a wfm thing. It’s been like that every business for insurance purposes. So you can’t be a part timer being made to work over 30 hours. insurance laws kick in after 30. Wfm ft still get 37-40 if they have proper availability

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Our regions preferred full time schedule is 37.5 for TMs 40 for ATL/TL. If it dips own to 30 I am one of many that will be looking for employment elsewhere.

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Pt20 no longer exists. There are no benefits to part timers any longer. Full timers are considered tms working 30-40 hrs per week. Whole foods has a commitment to schedule all FT tms to at least 36hours. Commitment was done prior amazon purchase. Dont be surprised if that changes to min 30 hrs instead of 36 now that husband amazon demands that of wife whole foods. Lovely marriage it sure was a marriage at first sight. Wife loved the big ring he put on her finger.

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Wasn't the gig printed before they took away p/t insurance?

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Full-time 30 is already in the GIG

If you are regularly scheduled to work at
least 30 hours per week, you are considered
Full-Time. If you are regularly
scheduled to work 29.99 hours or fewer
per week, you are considered Part-Time.
Part-Time Team Members who are regularly
scheduled to work between 20 and

  1. 99 hours per week are “PT20” and are

eligible to receive additional benefits.
(See Team Member Benefits and Policies
section for more information.)"

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